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REAL ESTATE CONSULTING….What’s it all about?

 “Keep the Quality Without Paying a Premium!”

Consumer Consulting choices for Real Estate

The Consumer Consulting choices for Real Estate

The Underlying Question: Is it possible for a Real Estate Agent or Broker who is only paid on a strict commission basis to be 100% unbiased in their evaluation of your situation? Can an agent provide true fiduciary counsel and representation to clients if their only form of compensation is through an end result sale? Must a consumer pay a “premium” full commission rate (via the typical traditional commission system), or is it possible to offer them a “menu of services” at a lower end-cost that reflects only those services which they need?  Can all of this be done without sacrificing the expertise, skill and professional standards that a Realtor can offer you?

The Consulting Approach Benefits: Consumers pay only for the portion of services which they truly need, thereby saving significantly. Agents are paid for the services they provide, regardless of the results of a closed transaction.  In this manner, all parties win, and consumers will no longer be paying a premium for all of the unpaid time from incomplete transactions that agents provide to other clients. i.e, this is a ‘restructuring’ of the traditional commission compensation plans to reflect other professional industries such as attorneys, accountants, etc. We believe that this is an inevitable change in the real estate industry that will truly prove to be WIN/WIN for all parties. All PropertyWorX is proud to be a leader in this changing industry trend!

Our licensed Realtor agents participating in the LexHomes Consulting Services hold their Accredited Consultant in Real Estate (ACRE) Designation.

At LexHomes, we believe that ALL of this is possible! As such, we are now offering a complete line of options for consumers that will include unbiased Real Estate Consulting for people with decision-making scenarios in need of sound advice.

Examples of who needs real estate consulting services

Examples of who needs real estate consulting services

Here are just a few example situations where such services may come into play:

  • Homeowners who bought in a peak market or does not have enough equity to sell without a loss that needs to evaluate practical alternatives so that they may move on with their life circumstances
  • Homeowners who has successfully found a Buyer for their property on their own, but needs professional assistance to get through the Negotiations and Trouble-shooting phases to insure a solid closing
  • A person moving into the area who cannot decide whether renting or buying is the right alternative for them, given their overall time frame for relocating to the area
  • A renter who is evaluating options for lease renewal vs. purchase
  • Homeowners who need unbiased input into the “Move vs. Improve” options for their current property
  • Tech-savvy Buyers who do their own ‘homework’, scour the internet and finance options on their own, but still need limited assistance in viewing their final selection of homes, and the purchase offer and negotiation process moving toward a successful closing
  • Homeowners who are willing to do their own “For Sale By Owner” marketing but seek MLS exposure for their property, along with the key fiduciary services needed to get to the closing table
  • A Buyer who finds a For Sale By Owner and seeks representation, including the spectrum of services from contract to closing
Different forms of payment for Real Estate Consulting Services

Different forms of payment for Real Estate Consulting Services

What alternatives are we offering at LexHomes as Certified Real Estate Consultants, and can you really save a significant amount of money in your transaction or decision-making process without sacrificing unbiased representation?

All PropertyWorX Real Estate Services is now at the leading edge of change in the Real Estate Industry. CHOOSE AND PAY FOR ONLY THOSE SERVICES YOU NEED THROUGH A VARIETY OF PLANS:   For a list of our PROGRAMS, and to meet our top FSBO Guru, Click Here!

  • Hourly consultation rates
  • Flat Fee Service Packages
  • Sliding Scale Commission Program
  • Risk-Reward Commission Saving Program
  • Buyer Rebate Program
  • “Menu of Service” options for For Sale By Owners

Q. Which alternatives would be best for your situation, and how much savings might you achieve?

A. SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION TODAY and take our Seller Needs Analysis or our Buyer Needs Analysis to find out!

Deciding what services you need

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