How Consulting Works

The Underlying Question: Is it possible for a Real Estate Agent or Broker who is only paid on a strict commission basis to be 100% unbiased in their evaluation of your situation? Can an agent provide true fiduciary counsel and representation to clients if their only form of compensation is through an end result sale? Must a consumer pay a “premium” full commission rate (via the typical traditional commission system), or is it possible to offer them a “menu of services” at a lower end-cost that reflects only those services which they need?  Can all of this be done without sacrificing the expertise, skill and professional standards that a Realtor can offer you?

The Consulting Approach Benefits: Consumers pay only for the portion of services which they truly need, thereby saving significantly. Agents are paid for the services they provide, regardless of the results of a closed transaction.  In this manner, all parties win, and consumers will no longer be paying a premium for all of the unpaid time from incomplete transactions that agents provide to other clients. i.e, this is a ‘restructuring’ of the traditional commission compensation plans to reflect other professional industries such as attorneys, accountants, etc. We believe that this is an inevitable change in the real estate industry that will truly prove to be WIN/WIN for all parties. All PropertyWorX is proud to be a leader in this changing industry trend!

Our licensed Realtor agents participating in the All PropertyWorX Consulting Services hold their Accredited Consultant in Real Estate (ACRE) Designation.

We at All PropertyWorX believe that ALL of this is possible! As such, we are now offering a complete line of options for consumers that will include unbiased Real Estate Consulting for people with decision-making scenarios in need of sound advice.

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