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Before you decide to market and sell your home without a Realtor, there are a few things you should ask yourself. Is FSBO the right thing for you? Do you have the time, capabilities, resources, patience, knowledge, etc. that goes into the process?Is the work involved worth the savings? Will you really be saving in the end if the Buyer is looking to do the same thing?

Are you willing to work with buyer’s agents? Has your pricing taken that possibility into consideration? Will you have to pay other professionals to fill in the gaps between what a Realtor will do and what you can and are willing to do? Is your home in selling condition? What improvements or repairs will actually improve the value and salabilityof your home? Should you invest in these or sell “as is”?

Is your home price correctly? Do you know the value of other homes that have sold nearby? Have you priced my home to sell without emotion?Do you understand the difference between an appraisal and a current market analysis to effectively price your property? Are you prepared to be home  nights and weekends to accomodate potential buyers viewing the home? Have you taken security and safety into consideration when opening your home to unknown prospective Buyers?



If you are experienced in past home sales and have considered all of the above questions, and still wish to proceed with selling your property “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO), then more power to you!  What we find in most cases, however, is that Homeowners often can use support and assistance with certain aspects of the home-selling process, so we as licensed Realtors at ForSaleBy OwnerGuru.com have designed some ‘in between’ options that allow for FSBO’s and licensed Realtor professionals to work together.  Here are some of those alternatives:

Our FREE CONSULTATION by a licensed FSBO Guru ACRE Realtor (Accredited Consultants for Real Estate) includes:

o   Providing a Seller’s disclosure for use with your prospective Buyers

o   Question and Answer Session regarding various FSBO Guru Partial Service Seller Programs

o   Review of Owner’s pricing criteria o   Assessment of  physical condition, including recommended changes for optimal showing and marketability

o   Preparation and pricing of Real Estate  Consulting option that best fits the Homeowner’s needs



  • MARKETING CONSULTING & SUPPORT  (non-MLS)   [Program cost: $295]
    • Refined Pricing Analysis
    • Staging and home preparation advice
    • Develop showing plan (ID’s contact info)
    • Digital Property Photos
    • For Sale By Owner Follow-up Feedback Service
    • Ongoing email support
    • Create printable marketing flyer and ad
    • Create digital flyer for use on owner’s social media sites (Facebook, etc.)
    • Supply first 30 color marketing flyers and brochure box for yard
    • Listing on ForSaleByOwnerGuru.com
    • PRE-CONTRACT Buyer Qualification
  • CONTRACT TO CLOSING MANAGEMENT (after Owner finds Buyer)                                                                                                                                        We think of this program as a type of real estate ‘insurance policy’ which will help to insure that your property closes on time and with as few problems as possible.  This is essentially a NEGOTIATION AND TROUBLE-SHOOTING Program. There are no guarantees that every property will close, but with the proper management and experience as a guide, we believe    your risk will be greatly reduced.  This service by licensed Realtors includes:
    • Verify Buyer Pre-Qualification
    • Prepare, negotiate and finalize purchase contract and all related disclosures
    • Collect and hold earnest money
    • Arrange and negotiate Home Inspection process (and other related inspections such as termite, radon, etc.)
    • Verify Bank application
    • Monitor appraisal process for problems and provide information as needed
    • Monitor Title work and Closing arrangements
    • Schedule final walk through, utility changes, etc.

[Pricing available at time of initial consultation] [NOTE:  All fees paid under our Partial Service Seller Programs are TRANSFERABLE for 100% credit toward our FULL SERVICE SELLER PROGRAMS  (with all Functional tasks and Fiduciary services still offered at a significantly lower cost than Traditional Real Estate Commission Programs typical for the area)



  • SLIDING SCALE COMMISSION PROGRAM (Traditional Commission Based Program with customized rates)  We believe that marketing homes in various price ranges requires the same full-service attention, and that the cost of higher price homes does not necessitate the same percentage commission rates. Our “Sliding Scale” Commission Program takes into account a number of factors, including : (1) graduated reduced commissions with increased pricing, (2) reduced commission rates with contracts obtained within the first 45 days to encourage realistic pricing and (3) reduced rates if property successfully sold by the listing agent.  We will share our pricing structure with you at time of your Free Consultation. CLICK HERE to schedule yours today!
  • OPTIONAL RISK-REWARD MATCHING SAVINGS: This program allows the risk of successful transaction closings and the proportionate rewards to be shared by Broker and Owners. What most Buyers and Sellers don’t understand is that with a successful closing they are actual paying a “premium” for services offered. Why? Because Realtors have traditionally not been paid for closings when they do not close! By sharing the risk that the property may not close with an upfront investment, those realistic homeowners who price and prepare their home for sale can now benefit from FULL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES with a reduced fee.  [Pricing and rates vary and will be shared at time of Free Consultation. CLICK HERE to schedule yours today!]


“MLS ONLY” is not a part of LexHomes FSBO Services!  What is this and why don’t we offer it?  An “MLS only” company is a licensed Broker who will place your listing on the local MLS and that is basically it. Homeowners think this will magically bring them a Buyer and they will save thousands, but the reality is quite different.

It is our opinion that Brokerages offering these “discount service” options to place your property on the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service) are not acting in the best interests of property owners.  While on the surface it appears that a property owner can save by paying a discounted “Flat Fee” to be placed on their local MLS service, here are a few of the things that most homeowners do not realize:

  • Licensed agents working with Buyer clients are often hesitant to show these listings because (1) often the Seller has retained the right to sell the property themselves, has their own contact information posted in the yard, and this can lead to confusion from the Buyer’s perspective. These listings are often set up with no lockboxes or convenient access, appointments through the Sellers only, etc.  Agents really do not like to show properties with the homeowners present. Furthermore, the Selling agent (that agent working with the Buyer) knows that they will more than likely end up doing most of the work involved in getting the transaction to closing. Finally, these listings are often listed with a lower selling fee offered than typical, which also lowers the agent’s incentive to show and sell that property. The end result of all of this is that licensed agents will often avoid showing these listings.
  • Most Flat Fee “MLS Only” brokerages would not even present offers to the Sellers if they were not required to by the local MLS rules. And what does “presenting an offer” really mean?  A true “fiduciary” agent’s responsibility is not simply to forward an email containing an offer. The true responsibility is to negotiate on behalf of that homeowner. But if their upfront discounted fee has already been paid, and there is not stake in the outcome, what incentive do they have?
  • A true fiduciary agent would stay with the process and negotiate all through it, including inspection issues. But if the Flat Fee agent has no further financial incentive as to whether or not the property closes, this additional work (often involving research and guidance on inspection issues) will not compensate them any more in the end, so why bother?

The above comments are from the perspective of agents with almost 30 years of direct selling experience, and may not reflect the policies of all Flat Fee companies. The additional liabilities placed upon the Selling agent and the homeowners are often hidden and substantial as unpredicted issues arise during a transaction. The bottom line is simply this:  If a homeowner chooses this type of MLS only company to list their property, they are still paying something close to the typical selling fee offered to the agent working with the Buyer who may come through MLS, but are they really gaining from their NET purchase price in the end?

Here is a brief synopsis of one recent situation to illustrate the above:  Homeowner lists with Flat Fee MLS Only service. Agent working with Buyers shows the property and wants to present offer on a weekend. Flat Fee agency is only open for availability Mon-Fri. Flat Fee agent emails offer to Sellers.  Sellers accept with no counteroffer (when Buyers did expect one!).  Contract is agreed upon.  Home inspection takes place and Buyer’s agent presents a list of almost 20 items to Flat Fee listing agent. Homeowner agrees to do almost $10,000 worth of repair work in order to keep the transaction going.   Did the homeowner really NET more than they would have if they had had a licensed Realtor actually negotiating on their behalf? Is this a case of pennywise and pound foolish, as the saying goes?




 (1) Our commitment to you to find a program that best fits your needs and fills in the gaps so that you pay for only what you need.

 (2) Our commitment to you that –whether through our PARTIAL-SERVICE  or FULL-SERVICE Seller Programs– WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE OUR COMPLETE FIDUCIARY DUTIES TO REPRESENT YOU !


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